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Many customers may have the same question sometimes. Here are a few that we thought were asked often enough that we put them on our site.

When is my next service?

From the Calendar tab of our website just click on the calendar link, and you can either search by your schedule # or look for your first initial and last name.

How do I change the frequency of my service?

Most clients that have grass are scheduled for every 2 weeks, desert landscaping we recommend service every 4 weeks.  We often change the frequency of service in the winter versus the summer months.  If you do feel as if you need to change your frequency please email: or call the office at (602) 586-5907.

What are my responsibilities as the homeowner or tenant?

  1. We ask that all gates be left unlocked or dummy locked so that our crew has open access to your property without any delays.
  2. If you have an excessive weed problem please keep a bottle of round up on hand so that you can also spray in between our regular visits.
  3. If you own DOGS, please pick up ALL of their waste prior to our visits; we will not pick it up for you.
  4. Please remove children’s toys from the yard prior to our visit so that the crew won’t need to work around them.
  5. Set sprinkler timers in accordance to the schedule so that we aren’t cutting wet grass.
  6. If you notice a major leak in your yard, or water shooting up please email or call us immediately.

How do I cancel a service date?

Please be advised that our rates are based on us maintaining your property and staying on top of any issues.  If you do decide to cancel a service for whatever reason, there may be an additional charge on your next visit if the grass or foliage is overgrown, or if we find excessive weeds.  In order to cancel a service please email: AND call the office at (602) 586-5907.

How do I request a specific service?

If you would like to add a specific service to your regular maintenance, for example:  tree trimming, removing a bush or small tree, hauling away trash, fix the sprinkler or drip system, etc. we ask that you call us previous to your appointment day so that we have time to write it in the schedule for the crew chief and to allow enough time for the extras.  There will be an additional charge for extra services provided.  Most of the crew chiefs will be able to give you a price when they arrive.

What is included in a regular maintenance service call?

Each yard is unique and requires different attention.  But, for the most part, we will edge, mow the lawn, trim bushes, pull weeds larger than the size of a hand and spray weeds that are smaller than a hand, rake the gravel, blow up debris.  Please understand that not all debris will come out of the gravel, depending on the size of your gravel and the type of debris that is compacted into the rock.  We do use a light blue dye in our round up to identify where we sprayed, this will fade away between 4 to 48 hours.

How do I schedule a curbing appointment?

Curbing jobs are typically scheduled within a few days.  Please email us at: or call the office at (602) 586-5907. What do I need to know about the curbing?

  1. There cannot be any puddles of water in the area that you are requesting the curb to be laid.
  2. Yes, the curb just sits on top of the dirt.
  3. Yes, we use 2 additional additives in order to reduce the number of cracks by slowing down the curing process and a fiber that allows it to harden more effectively.
  4. Yes, the price is the same for all colors and forms.
  5. Yes, the price is the same if you would like boulders in the curbing path.
  6. No, we do not use rebar in the curbing
  7. Do not touch the curbing for 24 hours, as it needs time to cure.

Constant water on the curb will leave a white water stain on the curb, but is easily removed with vinegar, water and a brush. 

How do I make an appointment for a clean up?

Keep in mind that clean ups are scheduled around the regular maintenance schedule and sometimes with a separate crew.  These requests are typically scheduled 1 to 2 weeks after the request is made.  Please be advised that we charge $80/hr for a 3-4-person crew, which includes: labor, round up, fuel charges and dump fees.  You can request an appointment via email: or call the office at (602) 586-5907.

How do I make an appointment for an installation estimate?

If you are interested in a new yard or a yard renovation please email: or call the office at (602) 586-5907 and we will get you on the schedule within 1 to 2 weeks.  It helps for you to have a basic idea of what you are looking for in your yard to allow for a smoother process.

What is the time line for a landscaping estimate and installation job?

  1. First, we will get you on the estimate schedule within 1 to 2 weeks in order for us to measure out your yard and to discuss with you all of your options and possible designs.
  2. Second, we will then work on a design and an estimate of expenses; this process takes from 1 to 3 weeks.
  3. Third, we will submit the estimate to you via email for your review.  Our estimates will be honored for 30 days, at which point we will review the estimate to see if there have been any price increases.
  4. Fourth, once we have finalized the estimate and design we ask for ½ down to cover the cost of materials, at which point we will get you on the schedule, which is approximately 1 to 3 weeks out.  Most typical jobs take 3 to 7 days to complete.
  5. Fifth, at the completion of your yard we will collect the final payment.

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